Dr. Rebecca Hamaker

Dr. Rebecca Hamaker, D.C became part of the Progressive Physical Medicine family in 2011 while she was pursuing her medical degree. Since joining the doctoral staff, she has melded her educational studies with her practical experience to achieve a great standing with her own patients. Dr. Hamaker brings with her eagerness and determination to make each patient visit beneficial and applicable towards their short and long term goals. Her confidence in her patients’ achievements and her own commitment to great healthcare are what her patients regard as most valuable.

Dr. Hamaker grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and has been a part of the Lombard community since 2010. She attended Dominican University in River Forest, IL, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology-Chemistry with a minor in Sociology. After learning how valuable Chiropractic Medicine and Physical Therapy were from her own chiropractor, coupled with her passion for health and medicine, she decided to attend National University of Health Sciences (Lombard, IL). It was there that she earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine with a specialization in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hamaker is also constantly continuing her education. She is certified in Custom-molded Orthotics and is a preferred provider of Graston Technique and KinesioTaping for Soft-tissue Mobilization and Re-education.

Dr. Hamaker has become a well-rounded and well-educated healthcare practioner, further allowing her to understand and address ailments of the entire neuro-musculo-skeletal system. She is dedicated to treating the whole person, by learning each patient’s strengths and challenges and designing a treatment plan to best fit each individual’s needs. She has a remarkable enthusiasm for physical health and fitness and loves to teach her patients how to enjoy the activities they love, pain free. As a lifelong athlete herself, Dr. Hamaker enjoys the constant challenge of training for many events which have included a half marathon, triathlons, Shamrock Shuffle and various adventure races. She believes in leading by example, and is prepared to help her patients through a myriad of challenges, right by their side.

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