Dr. Angela Hasler-Friedman

Dr. Angela Hasler-Friedman, D.C. proudly serves as the Medical Director of Progressive Physical Medicine since she joined the practice in 2007. For nearly a decade, she has dedicated herself to listening and understanding her patients' needs and goals as they relate to their physical well-being. She has regarded the health of her patients as most important; which is evident in how far they are willing to travel to see her. Dr. Hasler-Friedman is fully committed to delivering the most compassionate and thorough care coupled with the most advanced techniques available to the profession.

Dr. Hasler-Friedman, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, graduated from Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH) with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with a focus in Pre-Medicine. She later continued her educational studies at National University of Health Sciences (Lombard, IL) for her Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, with a focus in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hasler-Friedman is also certified in Acupuncture, Custom-molded Orthotics, and is a preferred provider of Graston Technique and KinesioTaping for Soft-tissue Mobilization and Re-education. In addition to her Educational Studies specific to her profession and her continued passion for post-graduate education in her field, Dr. Hasler-Friedman also brings with her life experiences. Since the age of 3, she participated in Ballet and Cheerleading and has coached Cheerleading at the Competitive High School Varsity Level for 4 years. She also has an educational background focused in Spanish, along with studies abroad to Spain, allowing her to better communicate with the large Spanish-speaking community in the Chicagoland area.

Her passion for helping people comes from her own struggles and triumphs. Having suffered through many migraine headaches as a pre-teen and teenager with little relief from conventional medicine, Dr. Hasler-Friedman sought alternative methods to diagnose and treat the source of her condition. She found that Physical Medicine helped relieve the intensity and frequency of the migraines and eventually led to the prevention of them completely. With her past personal experiences, Dr. Hasler-Friedman comes highly regarded for her compassion and understanding of chronic conditions and delivers uncompromised care for them. She is also sought out by patients for a multitude of acute conditions as well- from Sports Injuries, Post-Surgical pain and rehabilitation, to the common Strain/Sprain- all while focusing on helping patients overcome their functional limitations.

Dr. Hasler-Friedman has a goal of helping people of all ages reach their highest potential, whether in the athletic arena or in everyday life. The unparalleled attention to detail, dedication to patient education, and the most mainstream Physical Medicine protocols available, Dr. Hasler-Friedman and her team possess what it takes to treat all musculoskeletal and neurological disorders with great success, even when other physicians have failed at the task.

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