Typical Visit

Each therapy visit will generally take about 60 minutes. The exact time spent in the office will depend on your treatment plan; which will be determined by the severity of your condition, stage of the injury, phase of care, and generalized health status.

In treatment, our Physicians and Clinical Staff will utilize a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to decrease your pain and improve your muscle and joint mobility. We will typically begin with therapeutic modalities to help reduce muscle tension, swelling and pain (which can include such therapies as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser therapy, etc.). Next, we will utilize a more hands-on approach and provide Myofascial Release and/or Soft-tissue therapy, followed by joint mobilization (as necessary). This will be followed by retraining your body for proper posture and more efficient movement and strength through specific stretches and exercises (which will be tailored to your condition at hand and general health status).  All the while, we will be educating you in self-management strategies that will help you to return to your 'functional status' as quickly as possible.

Please remember to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing so that the area of concern can be easily accessible.

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