KinesioTape is used for the purpose of "Re-training" or "Re-educating" the neuro-muscular system to perform at a higher level or to help provide Lymphatic Drainage from swelling/inflammation.

Developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase nearly 20 years ago in Japan, KinesioTaping has become the standard for therapeutic taping in the U.S. and has even become a standard for professional athletes. It can be recognized in many athletic arenas from Olympic, professional, collegiate, to amateur weekend warriors.

KinesioTape should not be confused with the 'white athletic tape'. White athletic tape is rigid, requires a pre-tape prior to use, and offers no rehabilitative benefits. Athletic Tape only offers stability like a temporary cast and restricts range of motion. In contrast to KinesioTape, it has no long term benefits once the tape is removed.

What is it?

KinesioTape is uniquely designed and patented and has 140% elasticity so it stretches with the muscles and fascia of your body. It is light in weight and latex free, contains a heat-activated adhesive, is water resistant, and is durable enough to last 3-4 days.

When do we use it?

The KinesioTaping Method involves taping over and around fascia (a thin fibrous tissue layer which covers muscles) in order to either assist and give muscle support or to prevent over contraction of the muscles.

To provide support and re-educate the muscles:
The application will activate neuro-receptors to be more conscious of movement. This adds functional assistance to each movement and therefore allows an individual to reach full range of motion with support while still participating in physical activity.

To prevent pain, inflammation and swelling:
The tape and its applied pattern work to increase lymphatic system function of draining edema and increases blood flow to help fight inflammation in order to facilitate rehabilitation and relieve pain.

This is done by lifting the skin in the tape's wave pattern. This first relieves pressure and irritation from the neural and sensory receptors and then from the lymphatic system, allowing it to drain more freely.

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