Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

Often called Physical or Functional Rehabilitation, it is the discipline focused on bringing patients back to their 'functional abilities' as they were pre-injury or pre-disease status. Functional abilities can include all activities in daily life, work, or sports and recreational activities. Intermediate goals are often improved range of motion, flexibility, improved motor control, strength and endurance. The ultimate goal is always that of returning patients to full participation in activities as they were prior to the initial onset of their condition.

Physical Rehabilitation involves Core strengthening, resistance band strengthening, and weight training mixed with low and high impact floor exercises. The function of following up palliative treatment (treatment to reduce pain) with such active treatment is imperative for re-establishing biomechanical and neuro-physiological function. With that idea in mind, the specific exercises chosen by our Physicians are designed to adapt to each individual's specific nerve, muscle and joint dysfunctions and to correct them.

The human body is constantly adapting to its environment, experiencing an ever-changing chain of events. When one part of the body experiences a trauma, this complex set of interactions is altered once again, potentially leading to further injury and trauma in adjacent locations. For example, if you sprain your ankle, the knee and hip are most likely affected by changes in stance and gait, either by avoiding the side of the injury or limping or by affecting the lower portions of muscles, nerves, and bones that are equally attached to other joints. These adaptations will worsen and hamper recovery if not monitored and treated concurrently with the rehabilitation of the primary injury site. Therefore, it is not only important to thoroughly evaluate the initial injury site, but also to evaluate how that injury has impacted your overall health. You can be sure that the Doctors at PPM will create a Functional Rehabilitation program that encompasses all aspects of dysfunction to return you to your 'functional abilities' as quickly as possible.

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